Today bars, clubs and restaurants are finding it difficult to connect to talented artists across India.

They are looking for opportunities and means to increase their mind share among their loyal customers.

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Venue Engagement

MyGigStar partner app, in addition to helping venues connect with various artists, gives venue an opportunity to connect with the artists' fans.. MyGigStar transforms into an innovative marketing and promotional tool to connect with a huge ocean of fans, connected through the artists.

MYGigStar Artist and musicians tend to have a wide social network of young, fun-loving fans who indirectly become patrons and social marketers for the venues.

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Platform Features

Create a digital ecosystem of common patrons

  • Enables venues to search for artists
  • Showcases Artist profiles with videos and pictures
  • Engage with artists based on budget
  • Digital performance contracts
  • Remit payments to artists
  • Support promotion of events to increase footfalls
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