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Being recognized as a musician and at the same time making money can be a real challenge. While it’s easy to dream of being the next big performer in the Industry, making your dream a reality takes considerable work.

Artist Engagement

The MyGigStar platform enables the Artists in building their profile. Artists can showcase their talent with the help of images, videos, ratings and other digital mediums. Using MyGigStar, artists can not only connect with venues in India, but also with artists across the world.

This platform is dedicated to bringing Artist and venues together. Artist who is a singer, a musician or anyone else, is a made available for performances. The Artist by using the MyGigsStar platform focuses on building a good profile, based on feedback from venues and fans. This will help venues in artist discovery.

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Platform Features

  • Artist profile creation
  • Venue connect & gig contract
  • Artist promotion
  • Artist collaboration across the globe
  • Artist assist
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